Association between comorbidities and left and right atrial dysfunction in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation: Analysis of AF-RISK

Manouk J. W. van Mourik, Vicente Artola Arita, Aurore Lyon, Joost Lumens, Ruben R. De With, Joost P. van Melle, Ulrich Schotten, Sebastiaan C. A. M. Bekkers, Harry J. G. M. Crijns, Isabelle C. Van Gelder, Michiel Rienstra, Dominik K. Linz*

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Background: To identify the association between comorbidities and left atrial (LA) and right atrial (RA) function in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (AF). Methods: This is a cross-sectional study. Speckle-tracking echocardiography was performed in 344 patients with paroxysmal AF at baseline, and available in 298 patients after 1-year follow-up. The number of comorbidities (hypertension, diabetes mellitus, coronary artery disease, body mass index > 25 kg/m2, age > 65 years, moderate to severe mitral valve regurgitation and kidney dysfunction (estimated glomerular filtration rate < 60 ml/ min/1.73 m2)) was determined and the association with atrial strain was tested. Results: Mean age of the patients was 58 (SD 12) years and 137 patients were women (40%). Patients with a higher number of comorbidities had larger LA volumes (p for trend < 0.001), and had a decrease in all strain phases from the LA and RA, except for the RA contraction phase (p for trend 0.47). A higher number of comorbidities was associated with LA reservoir and conduit strain decrease independently of LA volume (p < 0.001, p < 0.001 respectively). Patients with 1-2 comorbidities, but not patients with 3 or more comorbidities, showed a further progression of impaired LA and RA function in almost all atrial strain phases at 14 [13-17] months follow-up. Conclusions: In patients with paroxysmal AF, individual and combined comorbidities are related to lower LA and RA strain. In patients with few comorbidities, impairment in atrial function progresses during one year of followup. Whether comorbidity management prevents or reverses decrease in atrial function warrants further study.

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TijdschriftInternational Journal of Cardiology
StatusPublished - 1-aug.-2022

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