Astro-WISE interfaces: Scientific information system brought to the user

Andrey N. Belikov, Willem-Jan Vriend, Gert Sikkema*

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From a simple text interface to a graphical user interfaces-Astro-WISE provides the user with a wide range of possibilities to interact with the information system according to the user's tasks and use cases. We describe a general approach to the interfacing of a scientific information system. We use this approach to create a number of services, which allows the user to browse the data stored in the system, to process the data and to exchange the newly created images and catalogs with the users within the system and wider astronomical community. Reusability of interfaces and services is another important feature of our approach. It reduces the time and resources spent to interface other information systems created from Astro-WISE.

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TijdschriftExperimental Astronomy
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StatusPublished - jan.-2013


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