Atomic structure calculations of KLL Auger spectra from highly charged ion–solid-surface collisions

Stefan Schippers, J Limburg, J Das, R Hoekstra, R Morgenstern

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Systematic atomic structure calculations of KLL Auger electron spectra froM ''hollow'' atom configurations 1s2l(2)3lZ-3 are performed for atomic numbers 6 less-than-or-equal-to Z less-than-or-equal-to 10. In comparison with the corresponding 1a2l2 Li-like configurations it is shown that the additional Z - 3 M electrons, apart from taking part in LLM Coster-Kronig transitions, can be regarded basically as mere spectator electrons, neither severely influencing the peak structure due to the Li-like core nor affecting the KLL Auger transition rates. However, due to screening effects the spectra are shifted to higher energies by an amount scaling with square-root Z - 3 when adding the Z - 3 M electrons. The results facilitate the identification of distinct narrow peaks in projectile K Auger spectra observed in slow highly charged ion-surface interactions. It is shown that especially competing LLM Coster-Kronig transitions have to be considered in order to account for the measured relative peak intensities. A cascade model of the last deexcitation steps of a highly charged ion in front of the surface based on the atomic structure data provides detailed insight into the time scales involved.

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TijdschriftPhysical Review A
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StatusPublished - jul-1994

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