Attachment Avoidance and Attachment Anxiety as Individual Characteristics Affecting Job Search Behavior

Monique V. E. Leenders*, Abraham P. Buunk, Kene Henkens

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In this study, the relationship was investigated between attachment avoidance and attachment anxiety on the one hand, and job search intention, job search self-efficacy, job search self-esteem, and job search attitude on the other hand. Our sample consisted of 180 employees from an international industrial organization in the Netherlands. Results showed that attachment avoidance had a larger impact on the job search process than attachment anxiety. More avoidantly attached people had lower job search intentions, lower job search self-efficacy, and more negative job search attitudes. Attachment avoidance had an effect on job search intentions through job search self-efficacy and job search attitude but not through job search self-esteem. Attachment anxiety had no effect on job search intention through job search self-efficacy, job search self-esteem, and job search attitude. Attachment style is discussed as individual characteristic that impacts the job search process.

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TijdschriftJournal of Career Development
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StatusPublished - okt-2019

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