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Geoffrey Hobbis, Stephanie Ketterer Hobbis



Solomon Islands in Pictures came about from a request to provide a book for the Solomon Islands Government which can be used to showcase the nation, both at a diplomatic level and as a learning tool to be used in schools. The concept is to have a book that is predominantly made up of pictures, some historical but mostly modern, with short introductory texts at the beginning of each chapter and captions for each image. There are over 450 images, most of them photographs, but there are also a few drawings, one painting and three maps included.

In 26 chapters, Solomon Islands in Pictures displays the nation in a way never before attempted. The beauty of the natural environment and the people shine through on every pager. Historical and contemporary development is displayed in pictures arranged in an order that tells a story. The chapter themes have been selected to provide a rounded visual account of this important Pacific nation.
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TitelSolomon Islands in Pictures
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StatusPublished - 2017
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