Austerity, youth and the city: Experiences of austerity and place by disadvantaged urban youth in Ireland

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    This chapter establishes how austerity interacts with place, space and class to create new constellations of urban exclusion and inclusion for disadvantaged urban youth. Focussing on the experience of austerity by young people (18-25) from Cork and Dublin, Ireland, it reveals the ways in which austerity encapsulates and transforms their lifeworld and how age, class, and space come together to shape the new social inequalities and spatial relations of austerity urbanism. Emphasising the critical insights to be gained from qualitative engagement with experiential accounts of austerity, this chapter focusses on experiences and encounters of austerity to establish the role of spatial, social, and personal characteristics in shaping the pathways through which austerity enters and transforms the lifeworld and the geographies of the everyday. Three specific dimensions of austerity urbanism – destructive creativity, deficit politics and devolved risk (Peck, 2012) – are connected to elements of social exclusion; not being allowed, not being able and not being willing to belong to society (Schuyt, 2006). As such, it is argued that the extreme economic rationality of austerity disallows urban life by disabling/discouraging stable employment and sustained consumption. Furthermore, it establishes how such developments are aggravated by the age and class status of disadvantaged urban youth. Finally, the experience of this exclusion affects youth’s sense of belonging, the lack whereof presents itself as a desire to emigrate to countries that treat their citizens just and fairly. As such, austerity urbanism creates new conditions of urban inclusion and exclusion along lines of age, space and class.
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    TitelAusterity Across Europe
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    EvenementNordic Geographers Meeting: Austerities, economic crises and neoliberalisms: experiences of children, young people and families - Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden
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