Authentic leadership and followers' in-role and extra-role performance: the mediating role of followers' learning goal orientation

Qaiser Mehmood, Melvin R.W. Hamstra, Samina Nawab, Tim Vriend

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    This study examined whether and why authentic leadership predicts followers' performance. We hypothesized that authentic leadership predicts followers' learning goal orientation (goal to develop and improve), which, in turn, predicts followers' in-role and (civic virtue) extra-role performance. A multilevel, multisource, time-lagged study, conducted in telecommunications companies in Pakistan, among 115 supervisors and 345 reports supported indirect relations between authentic leadership and (1) follower in-role and (2) extra-role performance (civic virtue) mediated by followers' learning goal orientation.
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    TijdschriftJournal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology
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    StatusPublished - dec-2016

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