Automated calibration of multi-camera-projector structured light systems for volumetric high-speed 3D surface reconstructions

Marc E. Deetjen*, David Lentink

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It is challenging to calibrate multiple camera-projector pairs for multi-view 3D surface reconstruction based on structured light. Here, we present a new automated calibration method for high-speed multi-camera-projector systems. The method uses printed and projected dot patterns on a planar calibration target, which is moved by hand in the calibration volume. Calibration is enabled by automated image processing and bundle-adjusted parameter optimization. We determined the performance of our method by 3D reconstructing a sphere. The accuracy is -0.03 ± 0.09 % as a percentage of the diameter of the calibration volume. Applications include quality control, autonomous systems, engineering measurements, and motion capture, such as the preliminary 3D reconstruction of a bird in flight we present here.

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TijdschriftOptics Express
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StatusPublished - 10-dec.-2018
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