Automated Decision-making in Automated Driving: Striking a Balance between Individual Autonomy and General Road Safety


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In an attempt to increase road safety, car manufacturers turn their attention to the interior of the vehicle. If the driver falls asleep, or is intoxicated, this will be picked up by sensors and cameras inside the vehicle. If it is deemed unsafe for the driver to continue the trip, the vehicle will pull over and bring itself to a stop so as to prevent endangering other road users. This automated decision-making process is not only affecting the autonomy of the driver, it is also challenging law as it gives rise to many legal and ethical questions.
When does the autonomy of the individual and its right to data protection weigh heavier than the public interest of road safety? This research aims to answer that question and fill the existing gap in legal literature.
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StatusPublished - 19-feb-2020
EvenementBILETA 2020: Regulating Transitions in Technology and Law - Tilburg University, Tilburg, Netherlands
Duur: 7-apr-20208-apr-2020


ConferenceBILETA 2020: Regulating Transitions in Technology and Law

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