Automated device for continuous stirring while sampling in liquid chromatography systems

Omer Markovitch*, Jim Ottele, Obe Veldman, Sijbren Otto

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Ultra-performance liquid chromatography is a common analysis tool, and stirring is common in many laboratory setups. Here we show a device which enables continuous stirring of samples whilst inside an ultra-performance liquid chromatography system. Utilizing standard magnetic stirring bars that fit standard vials, the device allows for the automation of experimental setups that require stirring. The device is designed such that it can replace the standard sample holder and fits in its place, while being battery operated. The use of three-dimensional (3D) printing and commercially available parts enables low-effort and low-cost device production, as well as easy modifications. Testing the device was performed by video analysis and by following the kinetics of a dynamic combinatorial library that is known to be exquisitely sensitive to agitation, as a result of involving a fiber growth-breakage mechanism. Design files and schematics are provided.

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TijdschriftCommunications chemistry
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StatusPublished - 3-dec-2020

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