Automated magnetic resonance imaging quantification of cerebral parenchymal and ventricular volume following subarachnoid hemorrhage: associations with cognition

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This study aims to investigate cerebral parenchymal and ventricular volume changes after subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) and their potential association with cognitive impairment. 17 patients with aneurysmal SAH (aSAH) and 21 patients with angiographically negative SAH (anSAH) without visually apparent parenchymal loss on conventional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) were included, along with 76 healthy controls. Volumetric analyses were performed using an automated clinical segmentation and quantification tool. Measurements were compared to on-board normative reference database (n = 1923) adjusted for age, sex, and intracranial volume. Cognition was assessed with tests for psychomotor speed, attentional control, (working) memory, executive functioning, and social cognition. All measurements took place 5 months after SAH. Lower cerebral parenchymal volumes were most pronounced in the frontal lobe (aSAH: n = 6 [35%], anSAH n = 7 [33%]), while higher volumes were most substantial in the lateral ventricle (aSAH: n = 5 [29%], anSAH n = 9 [43%]). No significant differences in regional brain volumes were observed between both SAH groups. Patients with lower frontal lobe volume exhibited significantly lower scores in psychomotor speed (U = 81, p = 0.02) and attentional control (t = 2.86, p = 0.004). Additionally, higher lateral ventricle volume was associated with poorer memory (t = 3.06, p = 0.002). Regional brain volume changes in patients with SAH without visible parenchymal abnormalities on MRI can still be quantified using a fully automatic clinical-grade tool, exposing changes which may contribute to cognitive impairment. Therefore, it is important to provide neuropsychological assessment for both SAH groups, also including those with clinically mild symptoms.

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