Autophagy regulation through Atg9 traffic

Sharon A Tooze, Fulvio Reggiori

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Rapid membrane expansion is the key to autophagosome formation during nutrient starvation. In this issue, Yamamoto et al. (2012. J. Cell Biol. now provide a mechanism for vesicle-mediated initiation of autophagosome biogenesis. They show that Atg9 vesicles, produced de novo during starvation, are ∼30-60 nm in size and contain ∼30 molecules of Atg9. These vesicles assemble to form an autophagosome, and subsequently, the Atg9 embedded in the outer membrane is recycled to avoid degradation.

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TijdschriftThe Journal of Cell Biology
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StatusPublished - 23-jul-2012
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