B Lymphocyte-Associated Antigens on Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase-Positive Cells and pre-B Cells in Bone Marrow of the Rat

D. Opstelten*, G. J. Deenen, J. Rozing , S. V. Hunt

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    To investigate early stages of B lymphocytopoiesis in rat bone marrow (BM) before the expression of surface IgM (s mu), the populations of cytoplasmic mu-chain-positive (c mu+) pre-B cells and terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-positive (TdT+) cells were studied by double immunofluorescence microscopy. B lymphocytes that were s mu+ constituted 5%, c mu+s mu- pre-B cells 23%, and TdT+ cells 4% of nucleated cells in the BM of juvenile rats. TdT+ and pre-B cells ranged between 7 and 17 microns in diameter. TdT+ cells were slightly larger, with a modal diameter of 10.5 microns against 9 microns for pre-B cells. mu-Chains were absent from nearly all TdT+ cells. Their surface antigenic phenotype was studied by using a panel of mouse monoclonal antibodies (MAb) to rat B lymphocyte-associated antigens (Ig, Ia, and others) and T lymphocyte-associated antigens. Both pre-B cells and TdT+ lacked surface Ig and Ia but carried most of the other B lymphocyte-associated antigens analyzed. TdT+ and pre-B cells lacked those antigens found only on the T lineage. By using MAb HIS24 (detecting a non-Ig/Ia B lymphocyte-associated antigen) and fluorescence-activated cell sorting, TdT+ and pre-B cells were highly enriched. The results show that most TdT+ cells in rat BM are mu- but demonstrate strong similarity with pre-B cells in surface antigenic phenotype. Therefore, as suggested for man, a major proportion of rat BM TdT+ cells may be B lineage-cells before mu heavy chain gene expression
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    StatusPublished - 1-jul-1986

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