Behavioral and technical perspectives of green supply chain management practices: Empirical evidence from an emerging market

Junjun Liu*, Houbao Hu, Xun Tong, Qinghua Zhu

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    Recently, companies in emerging markets have implemented green supply chain management (GSCM) practices to tackle environmental issues. Drawing upon socio-technical systems theory, this study develops a conceptual model suggesting a sequential effect between two distinct categories of GSCM practices, namely behavioral (human and soft aspects) and technical (tangible and hard aspects) practices, on performance. We employ structural equation modeling method to test hypotheses based on survey responses from 200 Chinese manufacturers. The categorization of behavioral and technical GSCM practices and research findings contribute to the GSCM literature. Statistical results demonstrate the complete mediation effect of technical GSCM practices (e.g., green design, green manufacturing and reverse logistics) on the relationship between behavioral GSCM practices (e.g., relationship with customers and suppliers) and organizational performance. Such results recommend that companies in emerging markets should highlight behavioral GSCM practices first and then implement necessary technical GSCM practices to reap economic, environmental and operational performance.
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    TijdschriftTransportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review
    Vroegere onlinedatum23-jun.-2020
    StatusPublished - aug.-2020

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