Behind the scences. From 'mise en place' to sites of anthrax groves.



Together with Vanessa van 't Hoogt (SYB Circles/PhD candidate RuG) & Michiel Teeuw (designer) Janne van Gilst worked on an interactive website about her work and work process in Kunsthuis SYB.

The website Behind the scenes gives an insight in Janne van Gilst’s process of making, in equipping her temporary workspaces during the artist residency at Kunsthuis SYB and in the final window-exhibition Miltvuurbosjes. During her residency (1 February till 14 March 2021) Janne collected information about the sites of anthrax groves (in Dutch: miltvuurbosjes, hence the exhibition title), the locations of which are only stored in the ‘local memory’ of Frisians. After placing a call for information in local media, Janne received countless suggestions of locations of anthrax groves near Beetsterzwaag. She captured these sites with her analogue camera and developed and printed the negatives in her self-built darkrooms in Kunsthuis SYB using the 19th century photographic technique, Cyanotype.

Behind the scenes enables you to wander around Janne’s temporary workspaces located on all three floors of Kunsthuis SYB. Furthermore, you get the chance to visit the window exhibition with which Janne finished her residency. The floor plans are the foundation for your exploration: zoom in on different parts of the spaces to get information about the process of making: her making hands, the materials / tools / techniques used, the furnishing of the self-built dark rooms as well as the exhibited works of art.
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StatusPublished - 2021

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