Benefiting from deep-level diversity: How congruence between knowledge and decision rules improves team decision making and team perceptions

Floor Rink*, Naomi Ellemers

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In two experiments we show how teams can benefit from the presence of multiple sources of deep-level task-related diversity. We manipulated differences (vs. similarities) in task information and personal decision rules in dyads (Study 1) and three-person teams (Study 2). The results indicate that when both sources of diversity are present, partners and team members integrate their unique knowledge and decision rules into the collaboration and report perceptions of common interests, commitment and outcome satisfaction afterwards. This is not the case when there is just one source of diversity, causing the partners and team members to possess different information, but endorse similar decision rules or vice versa. The results are discussed in light of research on congruency and identity processes.

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TijdschriftGroup Processes & Intergroup Relations
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StatusPublished - mei-2010

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