Best Practices for Sustainable Datacenters

V. Dinesh Reddy, Brian Setz, G. Subrahmanya V.R.K. Rao, G. R. Gangadharan, Marco Aiello

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Datacenters are an essential utility of most modern organizations. These huge computing infrastructures consume large amounts of power, and their total energy consumption is estimated to be 2 percent of global consumption. Thus, it is important to minimize power usage in the design and operation of datacenters. The authors analyzed seven datacenters in India and the Netherlands and, based on their findings and industry standards, present a set of best practices to improve the datacenters energy efficiency. Following some of these best practices, these datacenters have achieved 10 to 20 percent improvements in their energy consumption.
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TijdschriftIT Professional
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StatusPublished - 1-sep.-2018
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