Beta-decay studies near Sn-100

M Karny*, L Batist, A Banu, F Becker, A Blazhev, K Burkard, W Bruchle, J Doring, T Faestermann, M Gorska, H Grawe, Z Janas, A Jungclaus, M Kavatsyuk, O Kavatsyuk, R Kirchner, M La Commara, S Mandal, C Mazzocchi, K MiernikI. Mukha, S Muralithar, C Plettner, A Plochocki, E Roeckl, M Romoli, K Rykaczewski, M Schadel, K Schmidt, R Schwengner, J Zylicz

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    The beta-decay of Sn-102 was studied by using high-resolution germanium detectors as well as a Total Absorption Spectrometer (TAS). A decay scheme has been constructed based on the gamma-gamma coincidence data. The total experimental Gamow-Teller strength B-GT(exp) of Sn-102 was deduced from the TAS data to be 4.2(9). A search for beta-delayed gamma-rays of Sn-100 decay remained unsuccessful. However, a Gamow-Teller hindrance factor h = 2.2(3), and a cross-section of about 3 nb for the production of Sn-100 in fusion-evaporation reaction between Ni-58 beam and Cr-50 target have been estimated from the data on heavier tin isotopes. The estimated hindrance factor is similar to the values derived for lower shell nuclei.

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    TijdschriftEuropean Physical Journal A
    StatusPublished - 2005
    Evenement4th International Conference on Exotic Nuclei and Atomic Masses - Pine Mt, Gabon
    Duur: 12-sep.-200416-sep.-2004

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