Better Wed Over the Mixen or Over the Moor

Sarah Grace See*, Laura Bottazzi, Paolo Manasse

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This paper studies the resilience of inter-ethnic marriages in Italy through the lenses of marriage duration by means of survival and treatment-effect analyses. Our main findings are that inter-ethnic marriages have a significantly higher risk of separation even when we control for social and economic characteristics of the spouses; however, when we restrict the analysis to more recent marriages, we observe that co- and inter-ethnic marriages converge in longevity. Finally, we find evidence of self-selection into inter-ethnic marriages. Overall our findings points to a society that is becoming increasingly open to cultural and ethnic diversity, as well as more secular.
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UitgeverUniversity of Bologna Department of Economics Quaderni
StatusPublished - feb.-2017
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NaamWorking Paper Series
UitgeverijUniversity of Bologna Department of Economics

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