Between broadcasting political messages and interacting with voters

Todd Graham, Marcel Broersma, Karin Hazelhoff, Guido van 't Haar



    Politicians across Western democracies are increasingly adopting and experimenting with Twitter, particularly during election time. The purpose of this chapter is to investigate how candidates are using it during an election campaign. The aim is to create a typology of the various ways in which candidates behaved on Twitter. By examining candidates' twittering behaviour, the authors show that British politicians mainly used Twitter as a unidirectional form of communication. However, there were a group of candidates who used it to interact with voters by, for example, mobilizing, helping and consulting them, thus tapping into the potential Twitter offers for facilitating a closer relationship with citizens.
    Originele taal-2English
    TitelSocial Media and Election Campaigns
    Subtitel Key Tendencies and Ways Forward
    RedacteurenGunn Sara Enli, Hallvard Moe
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    StatusPublished - 10-jun-2015

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