Bias-induced conformational switching of supramolecular networks of trimesic acid at the solid-liquid interface

Jeroen Ubink, Mihaela Enache, Meike Stöhr*

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Using the tip of a scanning tunneling microscope, an electric field-induced reversible phase transition between two planar porous structures ("chickenwire" and "flower") of trimesic acid was accomplished at the nonanoic acid/highly oriented pyrolytic graphite interface. The chicken wire structure was exclusively observed for negative sample bias, while for positive sample bias only the more densely packed flower structure was found. We suggest that the slightly negatively charged carboxyl groups of the trimesic acid molecule are the determining factor for this observation: their adsorption behavior varies with the sample bias and is thus responsible for the switching behavior. Published by AIP Publishing.

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TijdschriftThe Journal of Chemical Physics
Nummer van het tijdschrift17
StatusPublished - 7-mei-2018

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