Biogas potential from the anaerobic digestion of potato peels: Process performance and kinetics evaluation

Spyridon Achinas, Yu Li, Vasileios Achinas, Gerrit Jan Willem Euverink

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This article intends to promote the usage of potato peels as efficient substrate for the anaerobic digestion process for energy recovery and waste abatement. This study examined the performance of anaerobic digestion of potato peels in different inoculum-to-substrate ratios. In addition, the impact of combined treatment with cow manure and pretreatment of potato peels was examined. It was found that co-digestion of potato peel waste and cow manure yielded up to 237.4 mL CH4/g VSadded, whereas the maximum methane yield from the mono-digestion of potato peels was 217.8 mL CH4/g VSadded. Comparing the co-digestion to mono-digestion of potato peels, co-digestion in PPW/CM ratio of 60:40 increased the methane yield by 10%. In addition, grinding and acid hydrolysis applied to potato peels were positively effective in increasing the methane amount reaching 260.3 and 283.4 mL CH4/g VSadded respectively. Likewise, compared to untreated potato peels, pretreatment led to an elevation of the methane amount by 9% and 17% respectively and alleviated the kinetics of biogas production.
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StatusPublished - jun-2019

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