Biotechnological and Medical Aspects of Lactic Acid Bacteria Used for Plant Protection: A Comprehensive Review

Simon Bergsma*, Gerrit Jan Willem Euverink, Nikolaos Charalampogiannis, Efthymios Poulios, Thierry K.S. Janssens, Spyridon Achinas

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The use of chemical pesticides in agriculture goes hand in hand with some crucial problems. These problems include environmental deterioration and human health complications. To eliminate the problems accompanying chemical pesticides, biological alternatives should be considered. These developments spark interest in many environmental fields, including agriculture. In this review, antifungal compounds produced by lactic acid bacteria (LABs) are considered. It summarizes the worldwide distribution of pesticides and the effect of pesticides on human health and goes into detail about LAB species, their growth, fermentation, and their antifungal compounds. Additionally, interactions between LABs with mycotoxins and plants are discussed.

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StatusPublished - sep.-2022

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