BMA Noord Strategy Plan 2022

Kate Lehane, Marcus Dugan, Ornella Berta Huapaya


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One of the challenges facing the BMA Noord is a general lack of awareness of the organisation and their craft. According to members of the BMA Noord, one of the main challenges facing the organization was this lack of awareness; lack of awareness of tailoring, lack of awareness of the organisation, and lack of awareness of the effort required by the tailoring craft. Currently, consumers and some tailors themselves around Groningen, Friesland, and Drenthe are not aware of the branch. The social media presence of the BMA Noord is minimal, besides the national Facebook and Instagram pages, their presence on these platforms struggles to capture a wide range of diverse individuals from all around, including their
expertise. A lack of awareness and minimal social media presence places the branch in a difficult position. Currently the members of the BMA Noord make up a very specific demographic that does not encapsulate a union of all professionals needed to move forward and grow. In terms of future solutions, it was indicated by members that the BMA Noord is in need of reaching out and bringing in professionals from different backgrounds and generations, with a focus on new, young tailors.
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UitgeverijScience Shop, University of Groningen
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StatusPublished - feb-2022

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