Boeren op de buitenplaats: de relatie tussen landbouw en buitenleven in het Amstellands Arcadië (1640-1840)

Gerrit van Oosterom


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    Tenant farms were a regular feature of the many country-houses south of Amsterdam, along the rivers Amstel, Holendrecht, Gein, Angstel and the Waver and Winkel in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. In Boeren op de buitenplaats, this unknown agrarian history of the Dutch country-house is reconstructed and explained in detail for the first time. For this doctoral research, over one hundred and sixty country-houses were studied, including their owners, tenant farmers and land ownership. The economic importance of these farms turned out to be marginal for the owners. Financial returns were limited in relation to the wealth of the owners and, moreover, regularly lower than what would have been economically possible. The farms did provide products and services for the country-house but the extent of these benefits was extremely modest. A clear relationship between the presence of a farmhouse and the property value of the overall complex could not be demonstrated either. Despite this, tenant farms and large stretches of land remained part of the country-house real estate complexes. Although ideology played a role in this, they were presumably rarely held up as a moral apology for one's own country estate. The main reason for keeping on a farm was it’s spatial-strategic value for the owner. The farm was never given a prominent place in the spatial ensemble, but behind the scenes it played an important role as part of the 'stage setting' in which the owner could present his country-house, and thus himself, within the larger context of the agricultural landscape.
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