Branched alpha glucans

Joana Gangoiti Muñecas (Uitvinder), Sander Sebastiaan van Leeuwen (Uitvinder), Tjaard Pijning (Uitvinder), Lubbert Dijkhuizen (Uitvinder), Christina Vafeiadi (Uitvinder), Stéphane Duboux (Uitvinder)



The present invention relates to the field of poly- and oligosaccharides and their dietary effects. In particular it relates to a method of producing a branched α-glucan. Further aspects of the invention are a branched α-glucan comprising linear segments of (α1→4) linked D-glucose units interspersed with (α1→6) glucosidic linkages and having (α1→4,6) branching points; a food composition; and the use of an α-glucanotransferase enzyme for reducing the digestible carbohydrates of a starch containing food material.
Originele taal-2English
Octrooinummer WO2018167032
StatusPublished - 20-sep.-2018

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