Breakdown of anomalous channeling with ion energy for accurate strain determination in GaN-based heterostructures

A. Redondo-Cubero*, K. Lorenz, R. Gago, N. Franco, S. Fernandez-Garrido, P. J. M. Smulders, E. Munoz, E. Calleja, I. M. Watson, E. Alves

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    The influence of the beam energy on the determination of strain state with ion channeling in GaN-based heterostructures (HSs) is addressed. Experimental results show that anomalous channeling may hinder an accurate analysis due to the steering effects at the HS interface, which are more intense at lower ion energies. The experimental angular scans have been well reproduced by Monte Carlo simulations, correlating the steering effects with the close encounter probability at the interface. Consequently, limitations in the determination of the strain state by ion channeling can be overcome by selecting the adequate beam energy.
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    TijdschriftApplied Physics Letters
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    StatusPublished - 3-aug-2009

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