Breaking the Vicious Circle of Gang-Related Violence: Central American Minors and the Current U.S. Refugee Regime

Marietta Messmer

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    The book is a commemorative publication for Josef Raab and this collection of essays presents recent lines of research and results in the field of InterAmerican Studies. The book also opens new perspectives for future research. The collection of essays is interdisciplinary and brings together historical, film, literary and cultural studies approaches to the Americas. Renowned scholars and young researchers make this book a cross-disciplinary work highly suitable for scholars and students.
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    TitelInterAmerican Perspectives in the 21st Century
    SubtitelFestschrift in Honor of Josef Raab
    RedacteurenWilfried Raussert, Olaf Kaltmeier
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    StatusPublished - apr.-2021

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    NaamInter-American Studies / Estudios Interamericanos
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