Bridging the gap between theory and practice: identifying what primary teachers do to facilitate the social participation of students with SEBD in the inclusive classroom


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It is known that teachers experience difficulties realizing the social participation of students with special educational needs in the inclusive education setting, in particular students with social and emotional problems and behaviour difficulties (SEBD; e.g. Schwab et al., 2015). These students are at risk of social exclusion, because they experience the most difficulties with their social participation in the inclusive classroom (e.g. Henke et al., 2017). Multiple meta-analyses on teacher’ strategies in the inclusive classroom indicate that teachers’ strategies are mostly focused on controlling the disruptive behaviour of students with SEBD (e.g. Durlak et al., 2010). The research to what teachers actually do to facilitate the social participation of these students is scares. To bridge the gap De Leeuw et al., (2018) conducted a focus group study and constructed the ‘Teacher Strategies for Social Participation’ (TS-SP) model.
Hence, two studies will be presented. The first study presents the development and psychometric properties of the teacher strategy questionnaire for social participation in the classroom (TSQ-SPC). Confirmatory factor analysis, containing a first and second order factor, was applied to estimate the construct validity of the TSQ-SPC. This was based on a sample of 104 Dutch primary teachers (De Leeuw et al., 2017). Based on the suggested model modification indices the questionnaire was adapted. The second study will present the results of the modified TSQ-SPC from 163 Dutch regular primary teachers in the regular education setting. The results will provide insights in which teacher’ strategies are applied to facilitate social participation of students with SEBD.
The results of the two studies will be discussed in terms of implication for research on teacher education and education practices to facilitate more empirical support for teacher strategies facilitating the social participation of students with SEBD in the inclusive educational setting.
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StatusPublished - 14-jul.-2018
EvenementInternational Conference on Inclusion - University of Wuppertal, Campus Grifflenberg, Wupptertal, Germany
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