Bringing adaptiveness and resilience to e-health

Marco Aiello, Ando Emerencia, Henk G. Sol

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E-health is a rapidly growing field that is quickly expanding as it is motivated by two driving forces. On the one hand, the information and communication technology (ICT) support to doctors can significantly improve the quality of the entire health care system by improving the quality of care while, at the same time, lowering costs. On the other hand, ICT can also help older people residing at their homes by means of computing systems comprised of sensors, actuators, agents, and other technologies. Given the large variety of situations, adaptation is a very important requirement. At the same time, resilience is an equally important requirement in order to provide guarantees about safe behavior of the systems in spite of unpredictable situations. In this chapter, Marco Aiello, Ando Emerencia, and Henk G. Sol present the challenges in the field by means of three case studies and propose their vision about the future of the field.

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TitelAdaptive, Dynamic, and Resilient Systems
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StatusPublished - 1-jan.-2014

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