Burials and human osteological remains from the Βronze Αge acropolis of Aghios Ioannis in northeastern Kopais, Boeotia, Greece: Preliminary results of the bioarchaeological analysis

Paraskevi Tritsaroli*, Philipp Stockhammer, Thaleia Konstantakou, Elena Kountouri

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This paper reports on the MH II/III Burial Cluster II excavated at the MH acropolis of Aghios Ioannis in Boeotia, Greece. The burial ground comprises various funerary structures (tumulus, rectangular enclosure, cist graves) and provides evidence on primary and secondary mortuary treatment. The analysis is based on the remains of 22 individuals and explores issues of health and mortuary practices. The contextual approach of the human osteological remains reveals variations in the treatment at death of different age groups and evidence of differences in mortuary practices according to biological sex and everyday life; results add further to the discussion on the renegotiated individual and collective identities in the mortuary sphere at this formative period for the subsequent Mycenaean era in Boeotia and Mainland Greece.
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TijdschriftJournal of Archaeological Science: Reports
Vroegere onlinedatum8-jan-2021
StatusPublished - feb-2021

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