Calibration and energy resolution study of a high dispersive power Thomson Parabola Spectrometer with monochromatic proton beams

F. Schillaci*, M. Maggiore, A. Velyhan, G. A.P. Cirrone, G. Cuttone, D. Margarone, G. Parasiliti Palumbo, P. Pisciotta, D. Rifuggiato, F. Romano, G. Russo, V. Scuderi, C. Stancampiano, A. Tramontana, A. Amato, G. F. Caruso, S. Salamone

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A high energy resolution, high dispersive power Thomson Parabola Spectrometer has been developed at INFN-LNS in order to characterize laser-driven beams up to 30-40 MeV for protons. This device has parallel electric and magnetic field to deflect particles of a certain charge-to-mass ratio onto parabolic traces on the detection plane. Calibration of the deflection sector is crucial for data analysis, namely energy determination of analysed beam, and to evaluate the effective energy limit and resolution. This work reports the study of monochromatic proton beams delivered by the TANDEM accelerator at LNS (Catania) in the energy range between 6 and 12.5 MeV analysed with our spectrometer which allows a precise characterization of the electric and magnetic deflections. Also the energy and the Q/A resolutions and the energy limits have been evaluated proposing a mathematical model that can be used for data analysis, for the experimental set up and for the device scalability for higher energy.

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TijdschriftJournal of Instrumentation
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StatusPublished - 1-okt.-2014
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