Carbon-based hybrid materials: growth, characterization and investigation of properties

Muhammad Arshad


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The structural versatility of carbon allotropes offers a variety of opportunities to employ them in diverse applications both as a pristine material and as building block in composite materials. Carbon nanotubes, carbon nanofibers and graphene can serve to engineer the physical and chemical properties of carbon-based hybrid architectures and devices. These hybrid functional systems have a great potential to become the driving force of the technology of the future. The research work presented in this thesis had a focus on the synthesis of aligned and unaligned single-walled carbon nanotubes to understand the intertube interactions for opto-electronic device applications. Further, successful design, synthesis and characterization of functional composite materials based on carbon nanofibers and graphene has been achieved.
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KwalificatieDoctor of Philosophy
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  • Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
  • Rudolf, Petra, Supervisor
  • Cepek, Cinzia, Co-supervisor, Externe Persoon
  • Loi, Maria, Beoordelingscommissie
  • Milani, P, Beoordelingscommissie, Externe Persoon
  • Morgante, A., Beoordelingscommissie, Externe Persoon
Datum van toekenning7-dec-2018
Plaats van publicatie[Groningen]
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StatusPublished - 2018

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