Cardio-Oncology: Progress in Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiac Dysfunction

J Tromp, L. C. Steggink, D. J. Van Veldhuisen, J. A. Gietema, P. van der Meer*

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Treatment for cancer has improved in the last decades, resulting in a significantly reduced morbidity and mortality. 1-3 Unfortunately, many systemic treatment options are associated with an increased risk of adverse cardiac effects. 4 These adverse cardiac effects have given rise to the field of cardiooncology. This review summarizes recent findings related to the pathophysiology and treatment of drug-induced cardiac dysfunction in cancer treatment and looks ahead at new developments in the field.

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TijdschriftClinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Vroegere onlinedatum10-jan-2017
StatusPublished - apr-2017

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