Cardiogenetic counselling in a non-university hospital

J. Kodde, N. Hofman, C.L.A. Reichert, I.M. Van Langen, A.A.M. Wilde

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Background. Inherited heart disease is becoming a substantial part of everyday cardiology practice while genetic counselling still only takes place at university hospitals. In this study we review our seven-year experience with cardiogenetic counselling in a non-university hospital. Methods. Retrospective analysis of patient records. Results. A total number of 83 index patients were counselled. In 65 patients DNA tests were performed, resulting in 26 positive tests. In all patients with genotype confirmation of hereditary cardiovascular disease and in 32 families without a molecular diagnosis, family screening was advised. Out of 120 subsequently tested family members, 47 molecular genetic diagnoses were confirmed. Conclusion. Although the number of patients reviewed was small, our data show that cardiogenetic diseases are part of daily cardiology practice. We believe counselling should be performed in more general hospitals. This is an excellent opportunity for collaboration between university and nonuniversity hospitals, with immediate benefit for patients and their relatives.
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TijdschriftNetherlands Heart Journal
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StatusPublished - 1-dec.-2007

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