Career insecurity and burnout complaints of young Dutch workers

Rudi Wielers*, Lisa Hummel, Peter van der Meer

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Burnout complaints among young workers in The Netherlands are high and increasing. Our research question is whether and how the high burn-out complaints of young workers in the Netherlands are associated with the employment relationships in the flexible labour market. We argue that especially an insecure career perspective contributes to burn-out complaints. Young workers in career jobs feel more insecure and this is a main reason why they have greater burnout complaints. We use the Netherlands Working Conditions Survey 2018 to test this argument. The analyses show that young workers in career jobs feel relatively insecure about their jobs and report a considerable higher level of burn-out complaints than student workers. Especially the workers in flexible career jobs suffer from insecurity and burnout complaints.
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Pagina's (van-tot)227-240
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TijdschriftJournal of Education and Work
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Vroegere onlinedatum21-dec-2021
StatusPublished - 2022

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