Carrier Drift Control of Spin Currents in Graphene-Based Spin-Current Demultiplexers

J. Ingla-Aynes*, A. A. Kaverzin, B. J. van Wees

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Electrical control of spin transport is promising for achieving new device functionalities. Here we calculate the propagation of spin currents in a graphene-based spin-current demultiplexer under the effect of drift currents. We show that, using spin- and charge-transport parameters already obtained in experiments, the spin currents can be guided in a controlled way. In particular, spin-current selectivities up to 10(2) can be achieved for measurements over a distance of 10 mu m under a moderate drift current density of 20 mu A/mu m, meaning that the spin current in the arm that is off is only 1% of the current in the arm that is on. To illustrate the versatility of this approach, we show similar efficiencies in a device with four outputs and the possibility of multiplexer operation using spin drift. Finally, we explain how the effect can be optimized in graphene and two-dimensional semiconductors.

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TijdschriftPhysical Review Applied
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StatusPublished - 31-okt-2018

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