Change of Thought: Findings on Planning for Shrinkage from a Regional Design Competition

Annet Kempenaar, Marjo van Lierop, Judith Westerink, Arnold van der Valk, Adri van den Brink

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Shrinkage or ‘no growth’ is expected to condition the long-term perspective of many Western cities and regions. Planning for shrinkage differs substantively from planning for growth and therefore calls for a change of thought in spatial planning. In our paper, we analyse how planning professionals responded to a ‘planning for shrinkage’ challenge in a regional design competition. We found that they fully adapted to the shrinking perspective, took a strategic approach, and promoted a leading role for local inhabitants. Collaboration with local inhabitants and entrepreneurs, creating new alliances, and timing emerge as key themes for planning professionals in planning for shrinkage.

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TijdschriftPlanning Practice and Research
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StatusPublished - 1-jan-2016
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