Changing the Logic of Value Creation: The Transformative and Transitional Potential of a Framework for Sustainable Business Modelling

Niels Faber, Jan Jonker

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This chapter analyses the paradigmatic change of the process of value creation leading to a redesign of business modelling (BM). It explores changes in the nature of value creation and how this is reflected in the logic of a new generation of BM. The chapter discusses the essence of BM with regard to value creation. The contemporary discourse on value creation mainly, but implicitly, concerns financial value creation. A BM shows how value creation is organized. Conventionally, this leads to a three-step approach of the actual value created, the distribution and the capture. Regardless of the nature of an economy, value creation is the shared task of economic actors. The chapter discusses the crossroads of value creation and the specific economic school of thought from which it originates. The best-known business modelling tool in corporate practice is the business model canvas, which has been widely adopted since its publication.

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TitelCircular economy
SubtitelChallenges and opportunities for ethical and sustainable business
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StatusPublished - 12-aug-2021

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