Characterization of peroxisome-deficient mutants of Hansenula polymorpha

Xuqiu Tan, Vladimir I. Titorenko, Ida J. van der Klei, Grietje J. Sulter, Peter Haima, Hans R. Waterham, Melchior Evers, Willem Harder, Marten Veenhuis, James M. Cregg

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In the methylotrophic yeast Hansenula polymorpha, approximately 25% of all methanol-utilization-defective (Mut(-)) mutants are affected in genes required for peroxisome biogenesis (PER genes). Previously, we reported that one group of pel mutants, termed Pim(-), are characterized by the presence of a few small peroxisomes with the bulk of peroxisomal enzymes located in the cytosol. Here, we describe a second major group of pel mutants that were observed to be devoid of any peroxisome-like structure (Per(-)). In each Per(-) mutant, the peroxisomal methanol-pathway enzymes alcohol oxidase, catalase and dihydroxyacetone synthase were present and active but located in the cytosol. Together, the Pim(-) and Per(-) mutant collections involved mutations in 14 different PER genes. Two of the genes, PERS and PER7, were represented by both dominant-negative and recessive alleles. Diploids resulting from crosses of dominant pel strains and wild-type H. polymorpha were Mut(-) and harbored peroxisomes with abnormal morphology. This is the first report of dominant-negative mutations affecting peroxisome biogenesis.

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TijdschriftCurrent Genetics
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StatusPublished - aug-1995

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