Charge exchange from D(n=2) atoms to low-Z receiver ions

R Hoekstra*, H Anderson, FW Bliek, M von Hellermann, CF Maggi, RE Olson, HP Summers

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To elucidate the influence on charge-exchange Spectroscopy of metastable deuterium donors, the corresponding cross sections for state-selective charge transfer have been calculated using the classical trajectory Monte Carlo method. The cross sections for electron capture from D(n = 2) by fully stripped low-Z ions are contrasted with those for capture from ground state D to indicate the importance of metastable donors. Using the new data, effective emission coefficients for the spectral lines of H-like light impurities used in charge-exchange spectroscopy have been calculated. These results incorporate the presence of excited n = 2 donors in the beam and apply to a wide range of neutral deuterium beam energies. For beam energies below approximately 25 keV amu(-1) a small fraction of D(n = 2) in the beam becomes of importance and at lower energies it even starts to dominate the charge-exchange spectroscopy observations.

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TijdschriftPlasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
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StatusPublished - aug-1998

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