Charge redistribution at the phase transitions in solids and charged vortices in type-II superconductors

D.I Khomskii

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Different effects connected with the change of the electronic chemical potential at phase transitions in solids are reviewed. It is shown that this chemical potential may have a kink at a 2nd-order phase transition. When a system contains two electronic subsystems, one undergoing transition, another remaining normal, there should be charge redistribution between these subsystems below T-c. Such charge redistribution (e.g., between planes and chains in YBCO) may explain many anomalies observed in high-T-c superconductors and in other systems. One extra consequence of this effect may be charging of the vortex cores in type II superconductors; this may explain the negative anomaly in the Hall effect, often observed experimentally in a mixed state.

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TijdschriftJournal of Superconductivity
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StatusPublished - feb-1996

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