Chemotaxis in Dictyostelium discoideum: Effect of Concanavalin A on Chemoattractant Mediated Cyclic GMP Accumulation and Light Scattering Decrease

José M. Mato, Peter J.M. van Haastert, Frans A. Krens, Theo M. Konijn

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In cells of the cellular slime mold Dictyostelium discoideum concanavalin A (Con A), at a concentration of 100 µg per ml, inhibits folic acid and cyclic AMP induced decrease in light scattering. Con A has no effect on folic acid mediated cyclic GMP accumulation and increases cyclic AMP mediated cyclic GMP accumulation two-fold. At a lower Con A concentration, 10 µg per ml, changes in light scattering induced by folic acid are normal and cyclic AMP induces a monophasic instead of a biphasic response. The stimulatory effect of Con A on cyclic AMP mediated cyclic GMP accumulation is still observable at 10 µg Con A per ml. When cells are repeatedly stimulated with cyclic AMP, a decrease in light scattering without being accompanied by changes in cyclic GMP concentration is observed. Based on these results a model for chemotaxis is proposed.
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TijdschriftCell Biology International Reports
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StatusPublished - 1978

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