Classroom Formative Assessment: A quest for a practice that enhances students’ mathematics performance

Marian van den Berg


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Quality assessment and feedback appears to be an obstacle in using classroom formative assessment

Reports have shown that Dutch primary school students’ mathematics performance is declining. It is assumed that classroom formative assessment (CFA) can reverse this trend. CFA is a process in which students’ mastery of a learning goal is assessed during each lesson. The gathered information is used to provide students with instructional feedback that moves their learning process forward. CFA can be used in various ways. There is, however, no clear empirical evidence about what works in which way.

The purpose of Marian van den Berg’s project was to develop a model for CFA in collaboration with teachers and to test whether the model: 1. was feasible for second- to fifth-grade teachers in regular primary education, and 2. had an effect on the students’ mathematics performance.

The developed model consisted of daily and weekly CFA. The teachers were expected to provide a goal-directed instruction, subsequently assess their students’ mastery of the learning goal and follow this up with immediate instructional feedback for those students who needed it. Additionally, the teachers administered a digital quiz to assess their students’ understanding of the weekly learning goals once more and provide instructional feedback when needed.

Van Den Berg’s studies showed that many teachers experienced difficulties in assessing their students’ mastery and providing adequate instructional feedback. The model had no effect on the students’ mathematics performance. There were indications that better implementation of the model could lead to improved mathematics performance.

The project was financed by NWO-PROO.
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