Clinical Outcomes With Dabrafenib Plus Trametinib in a Clinical Trial Versus Real-World Standard of Care in Patients With BRAF-Mutated Advanced NSCLC

Bruce E Johnson, Christina S Baik, Julien Mazieres, Harry J M Groen, Barbara Melosky, Jürgen Wolf, Fatemeh Asad Zadeh Vosta Kolaei, Wen-Hsing Wu, Stefanie Knoll, Meryem Ktiouet Dawson, Adam Johns, David Planchard

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Introduction: BRAF mutations are rare in patients with NSCLC, and treatment options are limited. Dabrafenib plus trametinib (dab-tram) was approved for BRAF V600-mutated advanced NSCLC (aNSCLC), based on results from a phase 2 study (NCT01336634). This retrospective analysis compared the effectiveness of dab-tram, based on previously reported clinical trial data, versus real-world standard of care in patients with BRAF-mutated aNSCLC.

Methods: Real-world cohorts were derived from a deidentified real-world database (2011-2020) and included patients with BRAF-mutated aNSCLC receiving first-line platinum-based chemotherapy (PBC), first-line immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) plus PBC, or second-line ICIs. Weighting by odds was used to estimate the average treatment effect of the treated.

Results: For first-line dab-tram versus PBC, the hazard ratio (HR; 95% confidence interval) for death in unweighted and weighted analyses was 0.65 (0.39-1.1) and 0.51 (0.29-0.92; p = 0.03), respectively; unweighted and weighted median overall survival was 17.3 (12.3-40.2) versus 14.5 (9.2-19.6) months and 17.3 (14.6-not reached) versus 9.7 (6.4-19.6) months, respectively. Hazard ratio of death in unweighted and weighted analyses was 0.56 (0.29-1.1) and 0.57 (0.28-1.17), respectively, with first-line dab-tram versus PBC plus ICI, and 0.65 (0.39-1.07) and not reported (Cox proportional-hazards assumption violated), respectively, with second-line dab-tram versus ICI.

Conclusions: In this indirect comparison in patients with BRAF-mutated aNSCLC, the risk of death was lower and median overall survival was longer with first-line dab-tram versus PBC. In analyses of dab-tram versus first-line PBC plus ICI or second-line ICI, sample sizes were small and findings were inconclusive with overlapping confidence intervals. Despite some limitations, the study provides useful data for this rare patient population.

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TijdschriftJTO clinical and research reports
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StatusPublished - mei-2022

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