Co-creating research projects - some personal experiences from Saami Council and Arctic researchers

Elle Merete Omma, Annette Scheepstra, Gertrude Saxinger, Brigt Dale



Inclusion of Indigenous Peoples in co-creating research projects is often perceived as challenging both from the perspective of the researchers and the Indigenous Peoples and communities. Indigenous partners often note that the inclusion process tends to be an administrative check mark rather than establishing a long-term good working relationship between the research team and the Indigenous partner. However, the trend is slowly shifting towards an increasing awareness of the benefits of and willingness to adapt to processes and principles to include Indigenous peoples to correct existing power imbalances.
Originele taal-2English
Mijlpalentype toekennenDigital article on co-creating experiences
UitgeverSaami Council
StatusPublished - 9-nov.-2020

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