Co-evolution of social networks and continuous actor attributes

Nynke M.D. Niezink, Tom A.B. Snijders

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Social networks and the attributes of the actors in these networks are not static; they may develop interdependently over time.
The stochastic actor-oriented model allows for statistical inference on the mechanisms driving this co-evolution process. In earlier versions
of this model, dynamic actor attributes are assumed to be measured on an ordinal categorical scale. We present an extension of the stochastic actor-oriented model that does away with this restriction, using a stochastic dierential equation to model the evolution of continuous actor attributes. We estimate the parameters by a procedure based on the method of moments. The proposed method is applied
to study the dynamics of a friendship network among the students at an Australian high school. In particular, we model the relationship
between friendship and obesity, focusing on body mass index as a continuous co-evolving attribute.
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TijdschriftAnnals of Applied Statistics
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StatusPublished - 2017

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