Coherent far-infrared / submillimetre detectors

Wolfgang Wild*

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Coherent detectors in the far-infrared and submillimetre spectral ranges provide high to extremely high spectral resolution (> 10^6). Heterodyne techniques and components have been developed up to terahertz frequencies and moved from ground-based to space applications. The quality of a coherent (heterodyne) receiver depends critically on the signal coupling, the mixer and the mixing element, the local oscillator, and the spectrometer. An overview of the state of the art of far infrared/submillimetre heterodyne receivers is given. The main developments for the different receiver components are described with the emphasis on their use in past, present and future space missions.
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TitelObserving Photons in Space
SubtitelA guide to experimental space astronomy
RedacteurenMartin C.E. Huber, Anuschka Pauluhn, J. Len Culhane, J. Gethyn Timothy, Klaus Wilhelm, Alex Zehnder
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