Cohort profile of Acutelines: a large data/biobank of acute and emergency medicine

Ewoud ter Avest*, Barbara C. van Munster, Raymond J. van Wijk, Sanne Tent, Sanne Ter Horst, Ting Ting Hu, Lisanne E. van Heijst, Felien S. van der Veer, Fleur E. van Beuningen, Jan Cornelis ter Maaten, Hjalmar R. Bouma

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PurposeResearch in acute care faces many challenges, including enrolment challenges, legal limitations in data sharing, limited funding and lack of singular ownership of the domain of acute care. To overcome these challenges, the Center of Acute Care of the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands, has established a de novo data, image and biobank named 'Acutelines'.ParticipantsClinical data, imaging data and biomaterials (ie, blood, urine, faeces, hair) are collected from patients presenting to the emergency department (ED) with a broad range of acute disease presentations. A deferred consent procedure (by proxy) is in place to allow collecting data and biomaterials prior to obtaining written consent. The digital infrastructure used ensures automated capturing of all bed-side monitoring data (ie, vital parameters, electrophysiological waveforms) and securely importing data from other sources, such as the electronic health records of the hospital, ambulance and general practitioner, municipal registration and pharmacy. Data are collected from all included participants during the first 72 hours of their hospitalisation, while follow-up data are collected at 3months, 1year, 2years and 5 years after their ED visit.Findings to dateEnrolment of the first participant occurred on 1 September 2020. During the first month, 653 participants were screened for eligibility, of which 180 were approached as potential participants. In total, 151 (84%) provided consent for participation of which 89 participants fulfilled criteria for collection of biomaterials.Future plansThe main aim of Acutelines is to facilitate research in acute medicine by providing the framework for novel studies and issuing data, images and biomaterials for future research. The protocol will be extended by connecting with central registries to obtain long-term follow-up data, for which we already request permission from the participant.Trial registration numberNCT04615065.

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StatusPublished - 15-jul.-2021

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