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BACKGROUND: Nebulization of antimicrobial drugs such as tobramycin and colistin is a cornerstone in the treatment of patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa. However, nebulization has a high treatment burden. The Twincer™ is a dry powder inhaler specifically developed for the inhalation of antibiotics such as colistin. The aim of this study was to compare patient outcomes and experience with colistin dry powder by the Twincer with nebulization of colistin or tobramycin in adult CF patients in a real-life setting.

METHODS: This was a retrospective study from 01-01-2015 until 01-07-2018. Effectiveness was evaluated by comparing FEV1 decline and exacerbation rate during a mean of 4.1 years of nebulization therapy prior to the initiation of the Twincer against the same values during a mean of 1.7 years of treatment with the Twincer.

RESULTS: Twenty-one patients were evaluated, of whom twelve could be included in the effectiveness analysis, with a total of twenty patient years. Of all patients 71.4% preferred therapy with the Twincer over nebulization. Twincer use resulted in high treatment adherence with an average adherence rate of 92.5%. There was no significant difference in annual decline in FEV1%pred prior to and after start changing from nebulization to the use of the Twincer powder inhaler (median decline -1.56 [-5.57-5.31] and 1.35 [-8.45-6.36]) respectively, p = 0.45 (linear mixed effect model)). No significant difference was found in the number of intravenous or combined total intravenous and oral antibiotic courses during Twincer therapy compared to when using nebulization (1.68 and 2.49 courses during Twincer therapy versus 1.51 and 2.94 courses during nebulization, p = 0.88 and p = 0.63).

CONCLUSION: Colistin dry powder inhalation with the Twincer is a more patient friendly alternative to nebulization, and we did not observe significant differences in the clinical outcome, regarding lung function and exacerbation rates.

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